1. Services for time and frequency.

1.1. Services for time, frequency and Earth rotation parameters.

1.2. Time and frequency standards.

1.3. Time scales.

1.4. Time and frequency measurements in optics.

2. Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

2.1. GNSS metrology support.

2.2. On-board frequency standards for GNSS.

2.3. GNSS signals simulators.

2.4. GNSS receivers.

3. Measuring instruments of time, frequency, length and their applications.

3.1. Metrological ensurance of instruments for measurement of time, frequency, length, and coordinates and of specialized time-frequency.

3.2. Time and frequency transfer links.

3.3. Time, frequency and length instruments calibration and certification.

3.4. Applications of precise time&frequency measurements in basic and applied research.


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